Sensation Experience is a site devoted to help raise awareness about the concept of life through the use of science and technology in the future. We are the home of the Transhumanist’s virtual lab, and our mission is empowering a better future through the use of these technological advances.
You will most likely find breath-taking posts that will leave you thinking twice about what you had previously done or thought before, and what you will do next. Our philosophy is to introduce ideas that are inspirational, but non-exaggerated, such as what is found in the tropes and stereotypes of popular culture. We also believe in preserving natural substances and avoid introducing artificial substances into our environment as much as possible.
Posts will be added periodically , though no fixed schedule is set at this time. It is estimated that breaks in between these sets are somewhere in the middle of two to four months at a time.
Everything stated on this site will always have exceptions. They can be contradicted, concepts and theories will be based on best educated guesses and references. Something important might be forgotten long after something was published.

About the Team

Ulysses Garcia

A photo of Ulysses Garcia
Ulysses Harmony Garcia is the founding member of Sensation Experience and started it in 2013 with the idea of wanting to understand how people could perceive sensations of others, not just from their own body. Such sensations would allow us to develop empathy and compassion to enable us to serve the people we work with to provide them with better quality of service.
Ulysses, she/they is an avid musician, writer, and aspiring author of The Change of Tomorrow and Finding My Voice, a Memoir.. They also have a course on Braille Music Check out the promo video below.

Ulysses is also a voice coach and music instructor at Your Lessons Now and is excited to help students find their voice!