This post was originally written on Sunday, 11 August 2013.
Hello, and welcome to Sensation Experience. In this post I will guide you through an overview of what you might expect to find. Let’s start by building a mental image. If you can imagine a person willing to learn a little of everything each day (omniscient), that would be me. If you can also picture someone who is determined to make something happen, you will also have me. If you imagine someone wanting to know why and how something works the way it does, getting down to the minute detail and experiencing that change first-hand, you will also have me. I am considered to be very sensational, intuitive, observant, etc with all of my five senses including senses that branch out, like proprioception. However, I am blind and hard-of-hearing, but I learn how to rewire my brain to accommodate new sensory input. I am a synaesthete, which will be covered in future posts in the paranormal and supernatural section.
I spend my spare time when I am not busy researching and reading to educate myself on diversity issues, ableism and stigma, history interpretation both self and other, though human nature is primarily the former, and social justice through the use of song. I partake of several communities, including medical science, GLBTQIA, H+ and more. I have a diary so that I can have something to read when I am bored, or write in it for that same reason. Apart from my work, I spend time reading and or writing music Braille and working with technology at an advance level, though it is not my forte. I don’t care much for brogrammer or geek culture. I love reading books of non-exaggerated fiction, and I will list the authors and my thoughts in a future post. I play a variety of Western art musical instruments, which includes the flute, clarinet and trumpet. I have a passion for playing and listening to various kinds of pneumatic-powered pipe and reed organs, and I enjoy playing anything that does not rely on electrical components.. For example, the guitar, drums, keyboard, or synthesisers, etc, you know, like found in popular culture. Although I have been relenting on this in recent years, I learned that Wendy Carlos had used electronic music to make renditions of famous composers. This is something I definitely admire. I will post my music history summary in a future entry as well.
I was inspired to start spreading the sensation experience attitude after I acquired knowledge through those experiences and wish to help others perceive that same wisdom through use of transhuman technology. I was once afraid of riding amusement rides that had inversions, but thanks to NASA, I learned something totally new, and now I am willing to spread the thrills of being an amusement ride enthusiast.
Has there ever been a time when you were freaked out when you met someone who was different than you were, like when you met someone who used an artificial voice to talk because they had a laryngectomy? Well, thanks to science, you can overcome that fear by learning all you can and how you can do it yourself. I will cover more of this in future posts. Also, wouldn’t be nice if we could perceive others who are unable to express themselves to us? Think about the autistic brain or the pre-lingually deaf and deaf-blind brain. Many of us are made fun of because we cannot tell others what we perceive, feel, think or how we interact with our environment because they say it is hard to explain. In my opinion, nothing is hard to explain. All you need is the right word choice and precision of language. What if we could use technology to veer into the other person’s world and really feel what they feel so we can better take care of our children? We, as caregivers, providers and support workers, tend to focus so much on the obvious that other things elude us that we may not even realise as a possibility. We could also use this technology to perceive another gender and or sex. We often wonder, what causes transgenderism or intersexuality? I am looking at research with marine biology and how this can be correlated with human evolution and biological defects. There is way too much to consider other than the psychological induction that may make one a transgender, but the fact that I am a nonconformist is enough to convince me that there is something involving neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to rewire itself. I will dive more into that in a later entry.
My devotion to the GLBTQIA community is to help young people to work out their differences to establish longer relationships and to find new improvements for transsexuals and their ability to reproduce. This is where I look at H+ for ideas on where we can go for further progress. We try not to focus too much on the medical model and or the professionalism attitude, but instead use characteristics practised in the Eastern part of the world. There are many people out there who feel that our society is becoming more and more inhuman or dystopian, but are afraid to step up because they do not want to be seen being made fun of by others. And, that is what makes humanity occur in the first place, and it is all because of how we hardwire ourselves throughout our entire lives. We all have the freedom of who and what to be, for life is always full of choices. However, each choice will have a consequence that will lead to further decisions. This keeps on going until the person realises who they really are, and then they make more choices and that will result in further reactions. At this point I would like to introduce two causes I would like to have my readers support.
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When reading my posts, please keep in mind that everything I say always has exceptions, can be contradicted, and I may forget to include something important long after I publish something, so do not think I did not include it, it is just that I did not remember it at the time. Everything I say is based on my personal opinion and not affiliated with any profession. Also, it is nearly impossible to convey a message that can be branched into their respected categories. Life is like a giant tree with millions of branches, all connected in one way or another.
All the words in an any language in the world cannot convey the true feeling of a sensory experience. Questions? Comments? Post them here. I look forward to your feedback!