This is a free and open forum to discuss anything relating to issues we face as a minority. Since this is a public forum, please use a pseudonym if you do not want people outside the forum to associate your real identity with something you posted. No drama of any kind is allowed. No slanderous, defamatory, or flaming remarks and insults towards anyone or any minority group. Review all evidence before judging others. All rules will be enforced proportionally. For example, if a user breaks a rule once, they will be warned. However, if a user not only broke a rule once, but continuously did it before they were warned, that user will immediately be banned without notice. Users will have the right to an appeal, modelled after certain entities. First, send a message to the administrators and someone who was not involved in the decision will review your case. Note that since decisions are usually made as a team, the decision is usually correct. You may also submit a request to be granted an audience by an administrative law judge. This is the final step of the appeal at the administrative level. You have thirty days from the day the action was taken against you to file an appeal. Any questions regarding any of these rules can be sent to the forum administrators.