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It’s been a month since I posted here, so I thought I’d give you some updates as to what’s been going on. I have done some research pertaining to psychosis, psychopathy, sociopathy, neurosis and neuroticism using my schemas to infer some scenarios to figure out if any of these traits can be genetically-predisposed. I will be making a few changes to my novel before I do anything else with it. I attended my first laser hair removal appointment and I will be talking about that shortly in comparison to my experiences with electrology.
First, however, I’ll start by saying that last week my Mac with Windows underwent a major crash, so I may have to post from my iOS device until I figure out how to restore my computer to the state it was before it crashed. Please expect long delays and slow responses as I am doing my best to stay atop my notifications.
Let’s start out with some interesting findings in the world of psychopathy and psychosis. One of the things I was looking into was how language as opposed to science could have an effect on rewiring the brain’s ability to rebuild hallways on the map, and how each bridge that intersect these highways can carry bits of information at a time. With the psychopaths, people are believed to have complete left-brained activity and almost no right-brained activity. This is why psychopaths are mainly objective and use a lot of language and have a lot of fight-and-flight responses in their systems, such as serial killers and those who are great at brainwashing you so you would be more loyal to them. The opposite of psychopathy is neuroticism. Psychosis and neurosis are different terms, as well. People who suffer from delusional thoughts or have a break in reality take antipsychotic drugs, though the mechanism of action is still not yet known. In theory, and possibly in practice, psychopathic people can be very good, but most people associate them as being bad. Imagine an emergency situation where a person got injured. A neurotic would go into a nervous and or emotional breakdown while a psychopath would remain calm and be able to help the person.
How people become psychopathic or neurotic is very questionable, since it can be caused by environmental factors as well as genetic predisposition, such as dealing with family situations, being exposed to certain crowds for a long period of time, among many others. I believe in the balance of both nature and nurture, because everything comes from everything else. That’s why there is the rope theory. Kids can grow up modelling what their abusive parents did to them, or they can veer away from that and really learn not to follow in their parent’s stead.
I have come up with a balance between honesty and the power to make a person feel good or bad using the words that you use, because it’s not a matter of what you say, but it is how you say it that counts. Back in December I have talked about ways to deal with situations in which you may be in a disagreement. I have gotten a new perspective wich I just said above. In today’s culture we have neurotics who have nothing in their minds except to bring attention to themselves about the people they talk to behind their backs, and with most blind people, it is easy for them to spy on other blind people. Most, if not all neurotics use emotions to empathise with their most fundamental character of that person. If the person happens to be rude, their emotions would amplify that a great deal. That’s why people who like to gossip about drama are mostly neurotic. I have spied on a lot of my former friends, and I heard many things they were talking about without their knowing that I was listening, since I was careful to squelch my identifiers, such as gait recognition, smell, breathing and sighing patterns, etc so as to hide from the radar. Besides, some people might think that because I had a severe hearing impairment, I would not be able to listen to what they were talking about, especially if it were something I was not supposed to know about. I could either let things go by or bring it to their attention, depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I may even have a voice recorder to show proof that I was there when it happened. However, I have seen people where they would claim that they knew I was there all along, they just chose not to acknowledge my presence.
I was thinking, instead of doing the obvious with these psychopaths or neurotics, what if we could induce a form of alternative therapy to stimulate their right brains, and using something to exercise their left brains, such as using aroma therapy or have them listen to something other than popular music in order for their thought patterns to changed. Maybe using simple cognitive exercises to bring out the logical and rational side of that person would suffice. Being too left-brained or too right-brained can be bad for you. I believe in middle-brained activity. I believe that there is a big difference between tricking and forcing. We all know that forcing is wrong, but tricking is more questionable. Surely you cannot force children to eat their vegetables, but you can trick them by hiding them in parts of their food that they would not bother to look. It is thought that vegetables might taste the way they do because it is meant to wart off predators using chemical defence. I believe the same concept could apply here. Brainwashing is when you control the way someone thinks against their own will, but many people think that torture is brainwashing, which I am against. I believe you can brainwash someone without forcing them to do what you want them to do. Hypnosis is something that requires a reasonable understanding of moral and ethical values if it is to be practised. I always thought we would be wasting tons of tax money on prisoners who hardly reform, and there is the possibility that no matter how many times you brain wash them, their old habits could surface. In that case, what should we do? Permanently alter their hormone productions, change their genes, give them shock therapy, or something else that we have thought of? About five or six years ago, I heard about a five-year-old boy on the news whose mother said that he was extremely dangerous to the point he could stab and kill people if he wanted to. What happened since then I know not, but I suspect that he had a major hormone or neurotransmitter imbalance that could have been altered if people stopped seeing the obvious. It’s also possible that he had a psychotic brain.
Something that just came to my mind was transgender hypnosis. I have heard cases where a person could try to evoke feelings and sensations relating to a different sex from within their mind while in a hypnotic state, and I was looking to see if this could be of further use in those wishing to be transgender to enhance their creativity. I have also done some research in the BDSM culture, or S&M lifestyle, to learn what kind of practices were involved.
Yesterday was Easter, as we all know, but in case many don’t, yesterday was also 4-20 day, a day celebrated in drug culture, and it could have been Hitler’s birthday. I thought it to be ironic that such a tradition would fall on a religious holiday. I wonder if there are any other holidays that coincided with other events such as this? Update: On 1 April 2018, Easter happened to pay us a visit on April Fool’s Day.

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