Quarter Summary, part 2

So, how will this affect one’s social construction, behaviour, and motivation? Will it give them sensational perception, such as perfect pitch, the ability to know how much one is turning, etc? What will be the future of this person’s life? Would we disrupt society if we used H+ technology to have genetically-engineered people all have easy-going personalities and open minds? Maybe balance out the selfishness in the world and introduce new humans with selfless personalities? The surefire problem is that most people do things without looking into the future to see how things would turn out. Our country was founded before people determined how it would end up. We started this country in debt, and it is not likely that we would ever get out of it, unless we filed for bankrupcy. A lot of people are closed-minded, especially here in our Western world, which is why we have many conflicts. What if we could raise awareness about being more open-minded?
Although this is all referred to the psychology of not just the fact of what we are, but what we do, the actual anatomical, physiological, and biological characteristics may play a role in the reconstruction of gender-building. However, nature only provides us with two reproductive structures with the exception of intersex, males and females. People can choose to look androgynus, and this should not be confused with any of the other identities, for it has its own set of rules. Thanks to modern science and technology, however, we are learning how to rebuild these structures to fit the personality of the new gender reconstruction. still, there are still some things to consider, genes, cosmetology, etc. The lengthening and shortening of different bodily parts will also have to be considered. However, some people are fine with how they appear, but do not desire to pursue such high levels of manipulation. Sometimes it just depends on luck and flaws.
Recent research has shown that when in a calm environment, men and women, and those in between, are not from different planets. They mostly have alike personalities. The only reason why they act different at times is because of conforming with their fellow members when outside of the relationship, and partly due to attractions. This is why we have the term “cheating” when describing a partner seeing another fellow without them knowing about it. Things like that should not be taken too hard. If same-sex marriage became too much of an issue, what about looking into same-gender marriage, but different sex marriage? What about cross-gendered relationships, would those work? I find this very interesting.
Now, another study I want to conduct is how either sex change or gender change affects the development of one’s basic learning. You see, according to popular belief, it is said that one group tend to learn faster at an early age. Certainly there must be a reason as to why this is so. Is it because of some anatomical difference in the brain, or is it through some other factor that is not related to anatomy and physiology? I would like to learn all of this history and how it evolved.
The next thing I would like to consider is curvature in the body. We all know that we like to show off certain areas of our body to others so as to attract appearance. Suppose one lacked this? It should not matter. We should primarily consider the person’s temperament, and then use that personality to create the image of the person, regardless of any body deformity or difference. We can focus on the person’s appearance as a secondary characteristic rather than a primary. Some of these things you may find answers to by reading the previous post, but I outlined them again to give the reader a reminder. Sometimes you may find repetitive sentences or passages. It is like in a piece of music, the chorus or refrain repeats to refresh the reader’s mind. Also, it would help if you researched person-first language in the healthcare field.
Thank you for taking part in our work. My hope is that some day we will be able to change the world for the better. We will be able to do everything George Carlin thought we would never do. He accused us of wanting to save our planet just for ourselves and a place to live in, and that we want to save animals for ourselves only. He may have been too harsh, but I do agree with some, if not most, of what he says. I hope we will find a way to think outside the box and stillwork for each other, not on each other, and for our future generation.. People are already finding ways to make meat out of animals without killing them using stem cells. This is good news for vegetarians. I am going to close this post with one final suggestion.
Here are some laws that I thought of proposing for H-plus to follow and to make sure we are within human rights. These laws would govern H +, just like the laws of robotics would.
All practices involved must follow all moral and ethical guidelines and must not be inhuman. Example: Cloning humans for benefitial purposes.
Humans should not at any time force another human to undergo a practice without full explanation of whatever that would be. Instead, they can persuade and convince other humans to educate them based on the first law.
All practices must have been approved by governments around the world, after experimentation with non-human species has shown promise. Clinical trials can ensure that another human would risk their life to the practice in hope of enhancing their experience.
Since humans are believed to have the highest consciousness above all other animals on Earth, we must think of ourselves as humans, as if we were working for each other, not on ourselves. This includes, obsession with practices, selfishness, selflessness, and respect.
Finally, all laws provided by nature must be obeyed to support the above laws.
Variations: This last law may be something that may vary depending on many factors.
All practices involving artificial and or synthetic substances are strongly discouraged. Instead, we recommend finding natural and renewable resources to improve another human’s integrity. This includes, using technology as an expanssion, not as part of the human body.
At this time H+ should consider establishing branches of religions and supersticions that would enhance their practices more efficiently. Humans should not exaggerate or fall under any popular science fiction belief, or that boredom should be avoided. In a 1964 prediction about 2014, humans would become bored because machines would be taking over. We would miss the sounds of nature we would only get to hear when out in the open.
Remember: Everything posted always has exceptions, anybody can contradict them, I may forget something, and everything I said is to the best of my educated knowledge.

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