Understanding Systemic Racism in the United States

Estimated reading time: 21 minutes Why it has always been a problem, and how it impacts Modern American society today   Before I begin talking about my perceptions of race, I would like to first give my deepest condolences to George Floyd’s family and relatives, as well as others who have tragically lost a part…… Continue reading Understanding Systemic Racism in the United States

CORONAVIRUS: Thirty-one Days of Solitary Confinement

Hear from someone who’s had almost three years of social distancing, and how they’ve gotten used to it.
This is a blog post with external sources to other news outlets with their own views on the matter as we progress through these trying times.

Stonewall Is Now

I know humans can be such cruel creatures when we turn things out of proportion, but that’s because they do not have the transhuman attitude. We need to stop quibbling about minority groups and just leave them be. They are no threat to us, so why make it hard for us to subsist? Source: Stonewall…… Continue reading Stonewall Is Now